EMS Recruiting Drive

Why are we actively recruiting new members now?

Maintaining a high level of service to over 800 patients per year requires hard work on the part of our volunteers.  The core group of active volunteers who respond to these calls varies from year to year, generally totaling about 15 certified providers.  Our numbers are lower than we'd like them to be right now, and we know that recruiting good members takes time - we want to find, interview and welcome new members now, before EMT class starts in the fall. What We Do

Ambulance service in Cooperstown and the surrounding communities is provided by the volunteers of the Cooperstown Emergency Squad, a branch of the Cooperstown Fire Department.  Over 800 patients are treated every year by a dedicated group of community members who receive calls for help via voice pager.  Trained team members respond from home or work to drive the ambulance, provide patient care or help move equipment and supplies.  Who Volunteers?

Our members all have personal lives too, and come from all walks of life. We have carpenters, lawyers, teachers, moms, physicians, cooks, electricians, realtors, students, judges and healthcare workers, to name a few. Through regular training and strong leadership, crew members from all walks of life work together as a team to complete the task at hand.

Getting More Info



Stop by the Station

Cooperstown FD is located at 24 Chestnut Street, Cooperstown, NY 13326

The Fire Hall is staffed during meetings and drills (see calendar for dates/times),

During the day call (607)547-2761 or stop by.

What's This Job Pay?

Since it's inception in 1851, the Cooperstown Fire Department has been made up of community members who volunteer their time to protect their neighbors. Volunteering takes many forms, and the same is true of our staff. Some members train as firefighters, other acquire skills and certifications to staff the ambulance, and some provide security, traffic control and crew support at emergency scenes.  Our members receive no salary for their efforts, but gain valuable skills and training while serving their community.

What We Expect

Squad membership requirements are:

What We Provide

Real Experience

Our fire department is busy, offering great potential for on the job learning. Averaging over 200 fire calls per year and 800 ambulance calls, Cooperstown is the busiest volunteer fire department in Otsego County. Many of our members have gone on to college programs in firefighting and emergency medical services, taking with them a strong knowledge base that can only be learned on real emergency calls.

Free Training

Depending on interests, each member must obtain training in at least one of the specialty areas the department provides: Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, or Fire Police. Additional levels of training in the specialties are available, as well as special skills and courses in Hazardous Materials Response, Vehicle Operations, Search and Rescue as well as others. Members can also choose to train in additional specialties.

Most training opportunities are offered locally, the exception being travel to the New York State Academy of Fire Science at Montour Falls, NY. Most training programs and associated expenses, once approved by the department, are free of charge.

Free Equipment

Appropriate firefighting clothing and equipment is provided based on chosen specialty, and is maintained regularly at the department's expense.

Length of Service Awards Program

Active members of the department are eligible to participate in the Length of Service Awards Program, or LOSAP. This program, underwritten by the Village of Cooperstown, rewards years of active service with monthly benefits after retirement. Members earn credit for many different activities, and each earned year increases retirement benefits.

Health Assessments

Department members are required to complete regular physical exams and respirator testing. There is no cost for these exams, and they are provided locally several times each year.

Social Events

Annual events include parades, a Mid-Winter Banquet, golf and bowling groups, a summer clambake and Children's Christmas Party. Most events are free to members. Parade and formal uniforms are provided free of charge to active members.

Membership Committee

Our membership committee is made up of several senior members of the department, and reviews each application received. They interview each applicant, review references, and complete a state required criminal history. They then report to the membership of the department, who elect applicants to membership.

Applying for Membership




Call us at (607)218-HELP and leave a message to receive more information

Stop by the Station

Cooperstown FD is located at 24 Chestnut Street, Cooperstown, NY 13326

The Fire Hall is staffed during meetings and drills (see calendar for dates/times), or during the day call (607)547-2761 or stop by.

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