Fire Boat For Sale

Sale Update: *** SOLD ***

The Cooperstown Fire Department is offering for sale a 1999 Sonic Jet Fire/Rescue Boat. This specialized boat is currently in service on Otsego Lake, providing fire, rescue and EMS service to the residents of Cooperstown and the towns of Otsego, Middlefield and Springfield.

What is it?

M-191 is a custom fiberglass hulled boat with unique features lending it to fire/rescue.  The boat is propelled by a 175hp Mercruiser SportJet water jet motor, capable of attaining speeds of up to 55mph.  It's equipped with a separate fire pump, located under the operator's console, which delivers 700gpm to the Elkhart removable deck gun on the bow.  The deck gun has a foam eductor with onboard foam tank, and can be capped off to use the two onboard 3" hydrants.  This makes the boat extremely useful as a portable water supply source - it's an engine that works from the water to provide water supply to shore based units.

What condition is it in?

M-191 is a performance watercraft - it's fast, highly maneuverable, and designed with Fire, Rescue and EMS functions in mind.  Capable of high speed, or carrying up to 7 personnel, this boat is very stable, especially when cornering.  Our crews have used it - this is not a new boat.  We purchased it from a dealer, and have taken good care of it since. 

We've used it at large scale canoe races at the extreme ends of the season - the General Clinton Canoe Regatta on Memorial Day weekend, and the Glimmerglass Triathlon after Labor Day - and throughout the summer months in between.  For the past several years, it has been docked at the Village of Cooperstown dock in Lakefront Park, where it has received significant sun exposure.  We've kept it clean and waxed, but the most noticeable damage to the vessel is that some of the red markings and fittings have faded.

The fire pump works, and very well - the foam eductor is currently out of service (we've never had need to use it, and have kept the foam tank empty.  The eductor hose developed a crack last year, and will need some repair work). 

The main jet motor was replaced 5 years ago by a qualified dealer.  It has been professionally overhauled this year after a hard rain and waves overpowered the bilge pump, causing the vessel to take on water. We can provide interested buyers with documentation from the Mercruiser dealer that did this repair work.

It's difficult to describe this boat fully, and it is best demonstrated at full throttle on a warm, blue sky day. Contact us below to arrange such a visit.


Detailed photos/video available on request, click on photos for larger image.

Elkhart Brass Model 8297 Portable Deck Gun w/ stacked tips

Elkhart Foam Educting Adjustable Nozzle

Vertical shaft fire pump

View from front of trailer

Whelen Edge 9000 Lightbar & Low-Pro 100 Watt Siren Speaker

175hp, V6Merciruiser XR2 Sport Jet Inboard

"Fire" Graphics

Console with dual throttles

Whelen Motorcycle Weatherproof Siren Head

Entry Step extended & retracted



  • 12' length
  • 94" beam
  • 10" draft

Drive System

  • 175hp Mercruiser SportJet - new motor in 2006
    • Top speed of 55mph per manufacturer's specs

Fire Suppression

  • 4 cycle gas engine driven fire pump
    • Pumps 700gpm per manufacturer's specs
    • Controlled by separate throttle on console
  • Elkhart mounted Deck Gun
    • includes adjustable nozzle with integrated foam eductor
    • includes aluminum stacked tips (straight bore nozzle)
  • Internal foam tank (under front passenger seat)
  • Dual 3" side discharges (live only when deck gun is capped off), with chrome caps
  • Handheld fire extinguisher

Rescue Functions

  • Diver friendly - no exposed propeller
  • Dual rear ladders
    • Self retracting - fold up by themselves when boat is under way
  • Can carry one backboarded patient in
  • 2 rescue cans
  • Steel Push bar on bow
  • 4 stainless lifting points, capable of lifting vessel via crane or helicopter (lifting harness not included)


  • Electric Start (on both main motor and fire pump
  • Dual 12v batteries
    • Replaced XXXXXXX
  • Rotary Master Switch - use one or both batteries
  • External jump start lugs on stern
  • Backlit console with rocker switches
  • Landing lights (in addition to lightbar lighting)
  • Navigation lights
  • 12vdc lighter sockets for handlights, electronics
  • Hardwired marine radio
    • Shakespeare fiberglass antenna with chrome pivot base
  • Float switch controlled bilge pump
  • Bilge blower for removal of fuel vapor

Warning Package

  • 48" Whelen Edge 9000 lightbar, blue and red
    • 4 corner strobes, double flash power supply
    • Forward takedowns
    • Side facing alleys
    • Halogen Flashers (2, front facing)
  • Whelen Lo-Pro Siren Speaker with 100 watt driver
  • Whelen Motorcycle siren with weatherproofed head and PA mike


  • Custom easy load trailer, dual axle
  • Forward mounted fiberglass utility compartment for stowage of gear and spare tire
  • 2" receiver
  • Custom red cover for trailering boat - has weather damage


Unit is available for inspection at Cooperstown Fire Department with prior appointment. Unit is sold as-is, with no implied or expressed warranty.  Cashier's check or municipal check for purchase price is due upon receipt of vehicle. Lightbar lenses, siren and lettering are included in purchase if bought by eligible fire/rescue, EMS, or governmental organization, contact us for details. Purchaser is responsible for all costs associated with removal of boat from the Cooperstown Fire Department.


The following links show original specs from the manufacturer, as well as trade magazines comments.  The boats featured in these pages may not accurately reflect the equipment or condition of M-191

Parks and Recreation article, 2001

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